Welcome to my blog….

Here you will find all that is me, good, bad or indifferent…

I do not always make the best decisions

Most of the time I have learned I have made some very poor choices, however, I am committed to learning from them and growing as a Husband, Father, Friend and Professional

In my blog you will find times that I am excited, happy, saddened, sarcastic and out right combative…

This is true about me as a person as well

I am not limited to one emotion, I am not limited by one attitude

What some find inspiring others find self-destructive, what some find as comedic others see as offensive

I am not perfect, nor will I ever try to become so…

I am who I am, no more no less

I have been blessed beyond measure and failed to use my gifts to the Glory of HIM when I should have

I am a human being and the epitome of a paradox…

If you are offended by the words I write in my blog I am sorry you have been and if you feel inspired by them hang tight I will probably offend you shortly..

My words and ramblings are not meant to fix the world, that is beyond my scope…

The times my faith is shared is to help strengthen myself and others.

Separation of career, personal and worship life is not something I subscribe to, I am not a separate person all of these is me.

Here you will find all that is me, good, bad or indifferent…

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Stillwater MN Voted Best City Ever

I recently conducted a survey asking people where the best place was to live ever. I asked one people, me. I voted for Stillwater MN. 

Stillwater is awesome, that is all. 

True story. 

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Runner’s Massage Special

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Social Media Release Form

After a quick discussion on the ADT group I decided to post this release form for anyone to use… I created it years ago.#4 socialmediaphotoreleaseform

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Social Media For The Car Sales Professional

Sometimes the very best content can be a simple conversation, here is a conversation that I started on Laura Madison’s facebook page that had some of my favorite people chime in on, enjoy:) Find the full post here.

Would you recommend creating your own youtube channel/blog/social media profiles rather than just using the dealership’s? Asking for a friend…

  •  Laura Madison Yes! I also like the idea of contributing to the dealership’s blog and social sites, but I think it’s important to have a personal presence. That seems to be what creates and maintains relationships best.
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  • Terry Lancaster people connect with other people
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  • James Klaus Micah Birkholz I beg my team to create their own social media outlets. You can share everything you want on to the dealerships outlets. I like the idea of them having their own lead generation, as well as branding themselves. It is much easier said than done. I have 2 out of 10 doing it right now.
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  • James Klaus Laura Madison we to chat one of these days.
  • Micah Birkholz I have always been a vocal advocate of creating your own brand inside of a brand… with that being said I heard recently of someone who used the dealerships’ social assets only and lost all their content… hmmmm.
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  • James Klaus Micah are you hanging out in the Alpha Dog Tribe?
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  • Micah Birkholz bwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaahha
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  • Jeremy Brown Sr. James Klaus 2 out of 10 ? Bravo brother! I set up everyone of my guys with their own youtube channels, got them ipads to upload with and want to guess how many actually do it consistantly?
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  •  Laura Madison I was wondering if you were thinking of her, Micah. I saw that. I feel so badly! Am super glad I have backups of everything and it’s all on my own channel.
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  •  Laura Madison Jeremy Brown Sr. ahh! I seriously think it’s going to be a requirement in the next few years or they’ll be left behind..
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  •  Jeremy Brown Sr. i go as far as telling my guys that they dont work at “Dealername Toyota” they work at Jeremy toyota or laura toyota or MicahToyota , you get the point, but what worked on me hasnt worked on them. arggggghhh
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  •  James Klaus Jeremy Brown Sr. let me guess….0! You can lead a horse to but you can’t….. I have been discussing why people don’t want to do this, even where Laura Madison used to work other salespeople saw her being successful and still didn’t do it!!! Cody Jerry Laura Madison is it the extra work that is the issue? I also have salespeople that say they would prefer to remain anonymous online!!!
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  •  Cody Jerry 100% do your own as as salesperson. If you put hours into your content, and the next person puts 10 minutes, the quality of your blog, on average, goes down. However, if you control everything that goes into that blog, you can control how it grows. See More
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  •  Micah Birkholz I think the issue is that people try to duplicate, that which is not scalable… You cannot scale personality, you can scale processes.
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  •  Cody Jerry James: I think it is the work, and the lack of understanding of how it works. Too bad Laura doesn’t do webinars on how to make your own blog site. She could charge a small fee to attend.
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  •  James Klaus Great point Micah Birkholz! But with all the help available out there any one can do this. If I had a salesperson come into my office right now and say “Can you help me with personal branding, a blog, and social?” I would first tear up with joy, then do anything I could to help, even if that meant hiring someone to help, like a personal branding coach etc.
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  •  Micah Birkholz With that being said I also believe that is the main reason why sooooo many “automarketing” companies went for the easy kill with facebook ads rather than truly helping the dealer with unique content…. reach is dead for those whose content never had life. As an individual it is imperative to be unique, or as one of my favs has said( Renee) be your best authentic self…
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  •  Jeremy Brown Sr. I agree Cody, my frustration though is , once the a-z part of video is done how do you get people to Do it? lol I understand most of the problem is me for not being able to convince or close my guys on doing it, even though they get the benefits of the “spoons” my branding gets them.
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  •  Micah Birkholz Jeremy Brown Sr.interesting point you brought up… in regards to that: If you ask a franchise saleperson what they do they will tell you they sell cars, if you ask their customers they will say they sell the brand…James top 20% of your team or the 20% that will be the top?
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  • James Klaus Jeremy Brown Sr. Don’t get frustrated! I was getting there then we hired a new salesperson who just bought it from day one. He has been here 2 months and is second on the board for the second month and he is killing it! With him buying in it means that 2 of my top 3 bought it and are killing it! The rest will follow once they realize the difference between the top and the middle is videos, etc.
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  •  Cody Jerry I met with several different small businesses this week about creating websites for them. They know Wix, Weebly and Squarespace exist, and that drag and drop websites are easy to use. 

    However, they didn’t know where to start. They basically just p
    See More
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  •  James Klaus Micah two of the top 3. The other top guy is awesome and does buy in but he sells only repeat, referral etc. He has his book of business and every year he sees his name in Automotive News as the top Ford Sales person in Montana
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  •  James Klaus Laura Madison now that you are in the vendor/training world what types of comments are you hearing from salespeople about wanting or not wanting to brand themselves?
  •  Laura Madison James Klaus I feel like I hear the same stuff from people. 1) they are uncomfortable with the idea, with putting their face out there and 2) they don’t know how to get started. My response has always been, just start anyway. I didn’t have a perfect plaSee More
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  •  Cody Jerry I’m stealing that line, Laura Madison “Action has a magic to it”
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  •  Laura Madison I stole it Cody Jerry! ‘Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has a magic, grace, and power in it.’ Goethe. Absolutely my favorite quote
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  • Renee Stuart Keep in mind #CarPeople… No one can “make” anyone “do” anything. No extra money – No extra widgets – No extra fist pounding [or] pleading. People choose to differentiate themselves because the are bought in. Put simply…they believe that the benefitSee More
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  •  Renee Stuart One more thing… If your employee is not fully committed to owning, managing and be fully active (daily) with the platform they’re choosing to use (i.e. YouTube), your dealership and the employee is better off contributing to the business page. CreatiSee More
    Are you ready to build a strong personal brand, only…
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  • Tracy Myers If Facebook charged people money to use it, this thread would be worth the price of membership. #truth
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  •  Terry Lancaster Kinny Landrum…this sounds familiar!
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  • Jeff Teague · Friends with Laura Madison and 1 other
    I have had really good success with my personal Toyota YouTube channel…..feel free to check it out … https://www.youtube.com/user/toyotajeff1
    I create and produce my own videos. I hope you enjoy…
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  • Micah Birkholz I did make this back in the day….
    Micah Birkholz's photo.
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  • David T Gould Laura Madison I am going to steal the line “I just did shit to see if it worked.”!!! Cody Jerry
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  •  Micah Birkholz “Motion Creates Emotion” has been my favorite for sometime:)
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Click Fraud, Bots and Automarketing

Bots, bots, bots everywhere I look but not a human clicking….

chappie stealing, bots stealing clicks

Bots Stealing Your clicks

The lament of the advertiser looking to justify his spends. This has become a serious issue causing millions if not billions of dollars in wasteful spend.. Bots and online cyber criminals clicking on ppc ads and hitting closer to home, online inventory, are raising the perceived value of a media partnership. Read an excerpt from this reauters article here:

Online ad revenue at risk in war on ‘click fraud’

(Reuters) – A growing number of U.S. companies, including MillerCoors and AIG, are stepping up the battle against online ad fraud by demanding proof that their ads have been seen by real people instead of computers hijacked by cybercriminals.

Spurred by a warning in December by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) that businesses are losing $6.3 billion a year to so-called “click fraud,” these companies now stipulate in advertising contracts that they will only pay for online ads when given proof that humans clicked on them.

“We don’t want to be paying for non-human traffic,” said Mark Clowes, global head of advertising at American International Group Inc (AIG.N), the largest commercial insurer in the country.

In a typical click fraud scheme, a crook infects many computers with malicious software, and directs the machines – called bots – to visit a webpage, click on an ad or watch a video. The fake traffic fools a marketer into thinking the site is popular, so it pays to place ads and links on the site.

A study conducted by cybersecurity firm White Ops for the ANA found that bots viewed almost one-fourth of online video ads and 11 percent of display ads. The study, published in December, involved 36 participants including AIG and MillerCoors (SAB.L) (TAP.N).

When engaging with companies selling you links, ppc or in some cases trying to sell you VDPs rather than actual human being shoppers, be very very careful. Look into their technology and verify that theirs prevents bots from syphoning your money from you.

When asked about bot traffic and what it means to car dealers who spend wastefully with companies that do not filter bot traffic Len Short of Lotlinx said this: “…they charge for raw clicks, not net unique visitors.  Our calculations based on bot traffic is that they cost north of $15 per unique.”

If you are interested in learning more about bot traffic and what you need to know to prevent wasteful spend in your automarketing endeavors here is the ANA report:

ANA-White Ops – The Bot Baseline – Fraud in Digital Advertising

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The Top 5 #Hashtag Mistakes Marketers Make On Social Media

Originally posted on BundlePost:

Hashtag MistakesHashtags have become synonymous with social media marketing and it’s no wonder why. A totally unique component of social media, hashtags have the ability to grow your following, expand the reach of your content and highlight important words within your status updates.

One less obvious thing that your hashtags tell your audience is whether you actually know what you are doing or not. If you are making novice mistakes while hashtagging your social media posts, it tells your readers a lot about you. If your target audience are newbie social networking users, this is less of a factor, however if the audience you are trying to reach have been on social for a while, you’re going to need to be sure you know what you’re doing.

Here are the Top Five Most Common Hashtag Mistakes:

1) Not Hashtagging – When you do not hashtag the words and phrases your target audience is…

View original 447 more words

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Build Your Brand Inside the Brand!

Alexis Fuller is making it happen, one video at a time. Once again we see how the business is filled with some of the best and brightest.

She is building a brand for her and her team within the dealership she works for and is rocking it.

What you don’t need? High quality production…

What you do need? A willingness to step out of your comfort zone, have fun and  deliver impeccable service to your customers. I hope you enjoy this video, I know I did. I can’t wait to see what is next!

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Insta-Awesome Pics
Birkholz #hockeylife #hockeyplayer #bloomingtonjefferson Come play with me #creepytoys That face makes me smile... #furrykid #itsadadslife Thankful for this awesome young lady!!!! #turkeytrot @cozy.birkholz @corbinbirkholz boom! Hunting sunset... My view hunting... Not bad Biggest buck of the year so far was seen at the crosswalk in Rochester #safetyfirst #lookbothways #whyitsstillalive So this happened today too:) cc: @vin.stagrams #catchandkeep My view right now... Lunch break #automarketing Can't get back to this trail soon enough What makes me smile? My lapdog:)#furrykid #itsadadslife #punishersocks Long run done for the weekend:) now for yard work and errands:) #runnerslife #healthyliving Beautiful brisk morning run! Tomorrow is long run fun:) God created this with his words... Pretty sure he's not worried about a paper coffee cup... Did I mention she is smart witty funny sarcastic and a great athlete? #bragonyourkids #itsadadslife #mvp #terribleatfollowingphonerules Our rockstar daughter accepting the #mvp for jv #soccer #happydad #likeanathlete #starwars night with the whole fam On my way to get the kids!!!!
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