More Shoppers Not just Traffic

Shoppers vs Traffic…

lotlinx micah birkholz

Screenshot Taken From Facebook

Why is this such a huge distinction? When a marketing tool can deliver 90%+ new users to your site that are engaged in the sales funnel you have shoppers that are on their way to becoming buyers…

Why are you not picking up the phone, calling or texting me right now? Call me, Micah Birkholz and I will get you started and help you get the shoppers you need to your site!

*this screenshot was taken from a sponsored ad on facebook…images by lotlinx and the good people at

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90 Day Health Challenge

I posed this challenge to my facebook friends and now to share the full awesomeness here!

Starting the 1st of october we will challenge ourselves to be healthy! This will consist of 3 core items diet, exercise and auditory input: Day 1 Measure your weight, waist and personal value(write down how you feel about yourself and what you want to improve about yourself….)

Diet: we will commit to creating a diet plan that is low carb full of fruits and veggies and staying away from processed high fat foods. Include a protein shake and a greens type health energy drink. I use ProFit from it works and their berry greens but you can use whichever ones you want.  you can find them here: The key is to be mindful of what we are putting into our bodies

healthy diet ProFit Greens it works

Don’t Quit Get Healthy and #liveALittle

Exercise: I don’t care if you are a cross-fitter, biker, runner or walker but commit to 4 hours a week of you time physically. Heck pretend you are a kid again and go play on a playground. Whatever it is just go out and enjoy the feeling of getting exercise and getting to know yourself again.

ragnar hat athletic club stillwater

Salem Athletic Club Getting Fit

Auditory Input: Listen to inspirational music, stories speakers ted talks daily. Choose what you want. I am personally committing to only listening to contemporary christian music, some of you may want to fill your mind with ted talks or a reading from your holiest of tomes, what ever it is commit to it daily.

lecrae inspirational christian music

Lecrae Anomaly

At the end of the 90 days look at what you wrote and see how far you have come!

Oh and if you need a Massage post or pre-workout, you need a soports massage from Jessica Birkholz and Massage In Stillwater:

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Scheduled Post Mixing Algorithm Arrives On Bundle Post

Originally posted on BundlePost:

In Social Media Efficiency improves time allocation and resultsOne of the features loved by our users is the Randomize/Auto-sort function on the export table. The existing app allows you to randomly scramble up to 100 schedule social media posts with a single click. It’s used to mix up numerous posts you have selected from various RSS feeds, blogs and content curation sources to ensure that you are spreading out the content from various sources or topics throughout each day, rather than grouping them from the same sources consecutively.

The existing Randomize automation feature is truly a random algorithm. Usually some manual drag and drop fine tuning is required to ensure that the 3-5 days of social media posts you are managing are spread out by topic and source of content. The system makes this an easy visual process by color coding all posts differently that are selected from each RSS feed or content source you are using.

Bundle Post Announces The New “Proportional Mix” Tool

Let’s break…

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Used Car Ricky, Get More Leads

So here is my UCR interpretation what do you think?

Oh did you want some shoppers? Check this:

Here are some Lotlinx highlights. :

  • LotLinx powers 120+ vertical search sites reaching 74% of auto shoppers.
  • LotLinx saves Dealers up to 90% vs SEM (e.g., Google Adwords), Online Classifieds (e.g., AutoTrader) and Lead Aggregators (e.g., AutoByTel) to drive shoppers to VDPs.
  • 0 set up fees
  • Month to month agreements
  • Set monthly budget, unused carries over
  • $3.99 cost per new unique customer
The great thing is that with Lotlinx you are not paying per click but by qualified shoppers deep in the research funnel. Lotlinx drives new customers that have never been to your site before(around 92%+) deep within your site. Lotlinx has truly become a hybrid of initiatives to better serve the dealer. By placing your inventory online with Lotlinx customers are driven deep within your website, deep linking to the VDP. Lotlinx has partnered with over 120+ inventory sites. When a customer is searching on these sites and they see your vehicle show up in a serp, they will be directed to you vdp. That is right a customer on ie will be redirected to your vdp! That is what you pay for, whether the customer visits 1-100 VDPs you only pay for them once.


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Leadership With Character-Joshua Birkholz

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy.”-Norman Schwarzkopf


Joshua Birkholz Presenting

To say that I look up to my brother Joshua is an understatement. Intelligent calm and collected he has character traits I always dreamed of having. Recently he shared with me this presentation he gave.

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost;
character is lost, all is lost”-Billy Graham

Now, when you meet my brother you will see a man of integrity, one who carries a great smile and positive attitude at all times. Non-confrontational and very rarely a pot-stirrer he has run a successful team at his firm for years. For all of his career accomplishments he he best known for being Tracy’s husband and the father to my crazy cool nieces. Here is a link to his presentation in pdf format…. Leadership with Character

I wish I had him on video, however, imagine the coolest most collected and dynamic ted talk and you will have Joshua Birkholz.


Joshua M. Birkholz is a principal at Bentz Whaley Flessner, where he oversees specialty consulting services. His team includes experts in development operations, prospect development, social media, constituent engagement, and analytics. Josh is founder of the BWF analytics division, DonorCast.

He has streamlined fundraising infrastructure and ushered organizational change for leading non-profits in higher education, healthcare, the arts, advocacy, and social service sectors throughout the United States and beyond. He is widely regarded as a leading innovator in 21st-century development strategies. And, he is the author of the sought-after book, Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy.

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Leadership Lessons

To say the past couple days have been rough is an understatement. I have had a couple meetings, calls and emails that have drastically changed the course of events and “my plans”. Luckily, a friend gave me this list to read. It helped me to refocus and realize where I could be better, where I could do better, and that to be successful I need to be a servant leader. Time to swallow my pride and start fresh. So here my friends is the list:

9 Leadership Lessons

from My Visit to West Point

Last week I had the honor and privilege to speak at West Point. After spending the day interacting with coaches, cadets and the USA basketball team, I learned far more than I taught. Here are a few of the leadership takeaways:

1. It’s a Leadership Factory – Some factories build products. West Point builds leaders. One of the Colonels told me “The history we teach is about the people we have taught.”

2. Leadership can be Developed – While the people selected to go to West Point have demonstrated leadership qualities during their young life they are by no means a finished product. Everything West Point does is geared towards developing these young men and women into leaders. Leadership is a skill and it can be developed. Your organization may not be West Point but you can invest in your people now and develop them into your future leaders tomorrow. I am a huge believer in leadership development programs and organizations that grow and develop leaders from within.

3. Leadership and Service is a Choice – The young men and women who attend West Point made a choice to lead and serve. You and I can make the same choice each day. We may not lead and serve in the military but we can choose to lead our teams and serve a cause greater than ourselves.

4. Leadership is Both Macro and Micro – Macro-leadership involves culture, vision, strategy, and the ability to lead at the organization level, while micro-leadership involves leading at the team and individual level. Macro and micro leadership require a different set of skills. When a cadet graduates West Point most are technically better at macro-leadership than micro-leadership. Like many leaders and managers in the civilian world they have to learn to coach, lead and build their team at the micro level. When thinking about your own leadership it’s helpful to think about leading at both the macro and micro level. Today more than ever micro-leadership is essential to build winning teams and organizations.

5. Coaching is Leadership – Upon graduating from West Point a cadet will commission as an officer and be placed in a place to lead a platoon. They are advised at West Point to listen to the advice of their non-commissioned officer (NCO) who is often an expert at micro-leadership (coaching). I had an officer tell me that when he arrived to lead his platoon, his NCO coached him and gave him leadership advice behind the scenes that made all the difference with his platoon. It reminded of what my friend Brendan Suhr often says, “Coaching is leadership.” Brendan was the assistant coach to Chuck Daly for the NBA Champion Detroit Pistons and the original US Olympic Dream Team. Brendan wasn’t considered the leader but he coached up to the leader and coached down to the team. Because of him both the leader and the team were successful. Coaching is leadership.

Jon Gordon and Gunnar Carroll6. Vision is Powerful – I ate lunch with Gunnar Carroll who was the captain of Army Baseball team last year. Gunnar said to keep his team inspired during the year he would often talk about the vision they had at the beginning of the season. It’s a great example that one of the most important things a leader can do is to frequently share the vision and inspire everyone to keep moving towards it. When you keep your vision alive, it keeps you alive and energized.

7. Failure is Necessary – At West Point everything is designed to make cadets fail. They know that through failure most cadets will become stronger, wiser and better. Those who don’t grow from failure are the ones who quit. Just like life it’s a weeding out process that separates the contenders from the pretenders. Everyone fails but those who learn and grow from it eventually thrive. Those who allow failure to define them and give up unfortunately don’t become all they are meant to be. Failure is a gift if you are willing to learn and grow from it.

8. You Don’t Have to be in the Military to be a Servant Leader – Before I spoke to all the athletes and coaches I listened to Boo Corrigan, the West Point Athletic Director, give a speech. Boo has never severed in the military but he told all the athletes that his role was to serve them, create the right environment for them and give them what they need to be successful. It was honest, sincere, and a powerful display of servant leadership. You can do the same and implement the three greatest leadership strategies of all: Love, Serve and Care. Read The Carpenter to put this into action.

9. Feeling is More Powerful than Hearing – I’ll be writing about this next week. It’s one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever heard.



I hope that this helps you as much as it has helped me.


Have a great day my friends and Make It Happen.

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Tonka Truck and Nostalgia-Love This Truck!

Relive your childhood, test drive today.

ford f150 trucks in stillwater mn area

F-Series Tonka Truck Cox Motors

Tonka, the word brings back waves of nostalgia. Hours of fun spent in the backyard bulldozing and creating cities in the dirt.


The sandbox has changed and the toys have gotten bigger. Your childhood is back and here at Cox Motors in New Richmond. Re-live your childhood and create new memories with the Tonka Truck F-Series.
minnesota state fair tonka truck
Nothing will stop you, nothing will slow you down…. Get it at Cox Motors…

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